If I Were A Carpenter (2003)

We love this song and especially the version done by Johnny Cash and June Carter (1970).  The song is written by Tim Hardin and appeared on his album Tim Hardin II (1967). Recorded at Høgskolen i Lillehammer 2003. Jan Magnar – vocal & guitar, Hilde – vocal & piano, Erling – recording & glockenspiel.

Motor Away

Renate Bakke doing my favorite cover version of this great track by Guided By Voices. I think she recorded the demo through a Mac McShitmic in 2015. We had plans for doing a cover of the song, but after hearing Renates demo we just decided it wasn’t needed.  She nailed it and didn’t leave any room for me and Erling. This version actually made my brother Erling cry. How beautiful isn’t that, jey?

Future Revivalists

Leftovertrack from the album What About Your Tribulations? from 2015. Not certain who mixed it, probably Erling or Fridtjof Lindeman. The song is vaguely about bands who plays sloppy garage rock. My only regret is me trying to be clever about the lyrics.  When it comes to garage rock, choose Quarter Wolf like we do.