Photo Shoot

Our first photo shoot. We got like 100 pictures from that session, and on most of them we look uncomfortable lost. I was disappointed when I first saw them. Now it reminds me of  the period we had stage clothes and rehearsed moves playing live. Those moves went horrible wrong at BY:LARM in Tromsø with “prominent” people in the audience. Since then we dropped the acting. If you’re not passionate about it, dont do it.

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Photo: Dida Sundet Ellingsen

Pouring Water On A Drowning Man

I somehow managed to get the band playing a cover of the song Pouring Water On A Drowning Man by James Carr from the album You Got My Mind Messed Up (1967). We played it only once at Mono. I thought it was great, but not certain how the others actually thought about it. Here is a video of The Douche and Renate rehearsing the song for the first time. We´re still not quiet there, but its the only version we got and James Carr is a big influence.

Lets Sleep For A While

I finally found this long lost video of a song that never got released. The animation No Surprises, which is a fitting theme for the song, is made by Halvor Lid & Dida Sundet Ellingsen as a school project at Mediefabrikken in Akershus, Norway. Lets Sleep For A While was recorded in 2003 at Høgskolen i Lillehammer. Erling Zahl Urke: drums & sounds, engineered and recording. Hilde Hem: vocal and keys. The Douche: doing vocal and guitars.

Motor Away

Renate Bakke doing my favorite cover version of this great track by Guided By Voices. I think she recorded the demo through a Mac McShitmic in 2015. We had plans for doing a cover of the song, but after hearing Renates demo we just decided it wasn’t needed.  She nailed it and didn’t leave any room for me and Erling. This version actually made my brother Erling cry. How beautiful isn’t that, jey?