Future Revivalists

Leftovertrack from the album What About Your Tribulations? from 2015. Not certain who mixed it, probably Erling or Fridtjof Lindeman. The song is vaguely about bands who plays sloppy garage rock. My only regret is me trying to be clever about the lyrics.  When it comes to garage rock, choose Quarter Wolf like we do.

Jingle for MOTOR FM


napoo was riding high in 2006 attending BY:LARM in Tromsø. The single from the Johnston Is sane ep was doing fairly well in a minor scale. The record label Nordic Notes (Germany) wanted Johnston Is Sane for a compilation with Scandinavian artist. At the same time the radio station Motor FM (Germany) wanted to present Scandinavian music on their station and wanted us to make a jingle promoting napoo. And I must say we really knows how to ruin every little opportunity that comes along. Every time I hear those first seconds of the jingle I get really embarrassed, but in the end it always makes me crack up. After all, we have a band name to live up to. We never heard from Motor FM again.